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Crafted Company is a floral inspired, creatively based design company in Atlanta, Ga. We operate as female empowered, enthusiastically self started, and all inclusive brand. We specialize in events and projects of all kinds, from large to small. 

We offer daily floral delivery services, as well as full event design.

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Noel Craft
Boss Lady + Creative Director

Growing up on our family farm in South Georgia, nature was my playground. My love of flowers stemmed from playing with my mother in her garden every day until sunset. She understood the language that flowers speak. She continued to bring that love and energy inside as well, with intentional blooms placed throughout our home. 


The immense joy she shared talking and nurturing these tiny seeds that grew to large, beautiful blooms wrapping around the house is the same joy I feel today working with them.


Now planted in the city of Atlanta, I bring as much of that natural energy from my childhood to create my own haven to escape, ground, and recharge creatively.


I'm inspired by my clients and their stories. I love using different elements, mediums, and styles to create the perfect compositions for lasting memories. No matter the custom order or event, we make sure that our blooms say exactly as you intend. They have their own language, they let you know you are wanted and loved there. To me, that is an art form within and of itself. 

The-Crafted-Company-Pattern-7 2.jpg