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7 Party Tricks To Keep Up Your Sleeve


We are well into entertaining season, but this month will likely take the cake for most of us! Everyone is coming to town, everyone wants to see you, and everyone will be talking. Whether you like it or not, wink wink.

I was on the plane back from my Thanksgiving travels, thinking about the month of November (I saw everyone and no one all at once, you know?) and how we were already rolling into December. This year has flown by and this month will bid us adieu before we know it. My favorite part of the holidays is the opportunity to entertain, but that goes hand in hand with the extreme anxiety of trying to get it just right... So I wanted to share some things that make it a little more exciting!


Here are some pro tips to alleviate some of the stress of decorating for your special occasion and wanting to achieve an elevated vibe all on your own!

-Fruit! It sounds silly when I say it like that, but it really is such an easy + creative way to bring some color in without feeling intimidated about composing an arrangement. One of my favorite things to do is make a little "ice bucket" set up in the kitchen sink. (Less mess + easy access for self-serving!) Throw your champagne bottles in with some halved oranges + pomegranates! You’ll get so many compliments, swear.

-Add a little spice to your cocktail station, give your guests some mixer options in pre-poured glass bottles (presentation is everything), and then have some little add on’s for them! I love the little Tajin bottles that they can throw on an orange slice, we love a spicy cocktail over here. If you’re hosting girls' night, edible glitter to mix into a drink is so fun + makes for great photos (if you really want to get crazy, make some Jell-O shots and sprinkle some in!)

-Cocktail napkins, don’t skimp. Go get the cute ones or the funny ones. It’s just a detail that livens the occasion even more! *Screams "SHOP LOCAL!" Go check out all the little shops in your area, you will find them!*

-Bud vases, the more the merrier! Flower arranging can be so intimidating and this is such an easy way to incorporate them! You’ll want to cluster them in 2-3’s on your surface! Make sure to cut the stems at different lengths to get that dimension + arrange the vases in clusters of different heights if applicable. Here are a few one my favorites, Fancy + Funky + Simple.

-If you have the itch to create something larger, head outside and snip a branch! Especially this time of year, all the foliage is so pretty but even heading into the winter there are plenty of options to choose from. All the berried holly branches, pine, and juniper berries... the tones are soft but impactful with the texture. Place the stems into a taller vase or lay them into a dough bowl (throw in some pomegranates.) Simple + intentional.

-If you’re not huge on holiday decor (sometimes I love it, sometimes I don’t) go ahead and switch out the photos in your home for more season-appropriate photographs. They are sweet conversation starters + a great way to display all your memories with friends + family around.

-Last, but not least... I always want people to walk into my home and comment on how lovely it smells. Candles are great but snag a Pura. There are so many scents to choose from + they last so much longer and emit a lot more fragrance. If you know, you know. If you don’t, you’re welcome! *there is something magical about smelling something but not being able to see it or "put your finger on it" which is perfect for another conversation starter!* Here are a few scents I love, woods-y + home-y + holiday.

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