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And when she chose to be brave...

The last post I wrote had everything to do with wanting to feel confident in this next transition phase of my life, to really be able to believe in myself the way that others do & constantly speak over me.


I have been very lucky to know so many amazing people who have greatly impacted my growth over the years.


I started in florals at the age of 20, worked for a few designers/companies based in Atlanta + freelanced for some outside the state. I started my company at the ripe age of 23, as my boyfriend who dated me then tells me now... I was wildly ambitious but still quite naive/immature. I had that very head strong attitude that could at times get the better of me/situations but also pushed me to realize certain realities of life. Not everyone wants to see you succeed (even if they invested in you in some way, control is a very interesting concept), the world can change on a dime (you have to be flexible), and sometimes it really is okay to walk away (because once your eyes are tired and burnout sets in... you are truly are only harming yourself + risking your own reputation.)

COVID stole a lot from me, but also gifted the time to pause. After my first year in business it all came to a screeching hault. I was exhausted from what I was doing and it forced me to pause. I went home, re-evaluated, and decided it just wasn't my time. I took a job at a plant shop and worked there for a bit, learning new things about other joys of life. I then took an interview with Stevie Interiors, the store that was a bit disheveled at the time and I was lucky enough to be the one to help gussy it up in time for our grand opening. I remember being so excited, but so f****** nervous to meet all the people who I have grown to know so well since. From vendors, to clients, to familiar faces that come visit the shop from time to time... They have all become so important to me and will always be in the back of my mind. So needless to say, if you haven't caught on from my tone, I am making the transition from Stevie Interiors and into Crafted. It is a big step and so much consideration went into this decision. I grueled at the idea of having to send that email, I cried when the news dropped last week, and I don't even know that the feeling has all the way set in. All I do know is the difference I feel in the girl who walked through those doors (damned and determined to land the job) is so different from the girl I am today.

The knowledge that I have gained while working alongside our designers + running operations is immeasurable and I forget that at times. You don't always see your skill set when you are in the heat of it all. You aren't able to push past the bad days at times to see what that day taught you immediately. However, when those victories hit... Oooooo, it is truly that much sweeter.

I am not sure exactly where I was going when I started writing this half an hour ago, but I suppose it my own formal, public way of saying good bye to my journey with Stevie (not till February 28th though, don't rush me!!!) but also my way to say hello to this next chapter.


Food for Thought

I really just need to say to anyone going through a massive life transition, as we seemingly are all still finding our footing after 3 years of madness, is don't be afraid. Don't worry about failing before it even happens and damn sure don't speak ill of your future because you are more equipped than you think. I do believe that it takes a significant amount of time, for most everyone, to figure out what it is they want to do. I, myself, can't even tell you one particular thing that I want to stick to for the rest of my life. The idea alone of having to "pick and stick" is actually really scary to me. I don't want to be good at any one thing, no matter how many people tell that is "the only way to be successful." Maybe my first bit of advice is to just cancel out the noise, move away from the anxiety, and write all your thoughts down. Make a grid...

What are your skills?

What are you interested in?

What do you not want?

I sat for an hour with some one I value the opinion of and went through each one. Allowing myself to hear the questions, spit ball, and receive some feedback. Sometimes in order for me personally to find my most brilliant ideas, I need a sounding board. Which a lot of people can resonate with, I think. I cannot stress this to you enough though, I say this because I struggle with this as well. This does not make that idea any less your own BUT never let yourself copy/paste from one certain idea or person that you may admire. Their journey, is not your journey. You admire them for a reason, let that inspire not limit you to think for yourself to create something that is unique to you. That is where the room for others to admire you comes into play, but more importantly for you to admire yourself.


Finally, to all the people in my life that I know are going through the same, I am proud of you. To all the people who have invested in my journey thus far, I can't thank you enough. To all the people that have sung my praises, even on my worst days, God love you. And just to myself, I know things didn't go as planned or as hoped.... but look at who you are now. Smile and be grateful for that.

Photography | Alea Moore

Photography | Elizabeth Granger

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