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Nature For The Home and Soul

Updated: Mar 14

The last bit of cloudy days will hopefully be behind us by the end of the month. All the flowers will be properly nourished and ready to bloom. The air will be filled by my favorite scent in the world, that dewey freshness that arrives when the sun finally comes out after a rain. What is that saying? April showers bring May flowers?


I adore the new growth that sweet Mother Nature sprouts with the changing of seasons. It is quite remarkable to think that trees + blooms alike go to sleep for months at a time just to wake up and get all dressed in their finest attire. Providing an opportunity to bring fresh cut stems and branches into your space to enjoy is one that you should never pass up.

There is a science behind bringing outside in, Biophilia. My personal favorite way that Biophilia has been described to me is "love of life," it is the human propensity to interact with nature. This statement resonates with me because nature gives life to all. It provides oxygen, nutrients, and contributes to our overall well-being. The act of bringing outside in allows you to dress your space with organic material as an act of love for oneself. Including nature in your home environment increases productivity, serotonin, and breathes fresh air into where we are spending most of our days.

I have always known that florals speak their own language, letting you know you are loved, thought of, and admired. BUT so often they are given to you from others. Our own self love is so frequently put to the wayside because taking time to enjoy the small moments can feel so tedious and unnecessary, but why? Why is that allowing ourselves 30 minutes to create moments for our own well-being and enjoyment so difficult? Florals are my world. Florals keep me working with my hands and allow my intuition to guide my fingers with each bloom I place gives me the chance to be intentional with my time. To take a moment to relax, enjoy myself, admire my creation, and breath in the crisp, honey like scent of a tulip as I reflex the petals. It is a chance to indulge in self-care, self-love, and a simple way to apply biophilic principles to my home.

I know florals may not be for everyone, so what does it look like for you? What room do you want to walk in and be engulfed with the beauty of something so much larger than yourself?

I have a small, Brooklyn sized space but without fail, every-time loved ones are over the kitchen is where they go. We rat pack in with all the stools pulled up and giggle over wine and whatever is left in the fridge!Flowers drip over the rim of my staple pedestal compote, it's my way of extending my heart to others. In their language, the florals let my guests know they are welcome and I am happy to be present with them.

While I continue to design arrangements for wedding ceremonies, and events, I am now also designing for an interior design firm. Expanding into the home + retail interiors industry has opened so many doors, not just in my career but creatively. It has allowed me to look at my gift in a broader sense. I now have an opportunity to create an arrangement that is intimate + personal to honor the home or set the tone of a space to welcome guests and clients.

I design with products that are in season, cherry blossoms + jasmine vine + hellebore have all been in my recent work. The way the hellebore dance with the natural curls of jasmine gives my work an organic expression so that there's no sense of prestige, just a casual notion that they are here to be playful for your senses. Finishing with moss around the rim to add the texture and accentuate the grounding factor that nature brings to the life around us.

With spring about to be in full swing, I urge you to get outside and admire your surroundings. Take a moment to close your eyes, breath in that morning air, and then look around. What are you drawn to? Now go grab a pair of snips and trim a branch or two, preferably from your own yard unless you have permission otherwise (I felt inclined to say that, ha!). Allow your eyes to guide your hands as you place them in a vessel, and remember this is a love note to yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts about the new season upon us. I would love nothing more than to connect with you. This is just a starting point for me to talk more about my passion, maybe even write a how-to. So please let me know something you'd be interested in learning about!

All things floral,


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