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The Freeman's

The Freeman's are that couple that everyone envies and I have had the pleasure of watching them grow in their love since I was a teenager, and just about to start college myself. Chris was such a pal right from the start, he knew what having a younger sister was like and always made sure I felt welcome. Gabby was the iconic woman of my early 20's, all of my friends wanted to know her - we all wanted to dress like her - and she was kind enough to include me in her life through the years. Together they make this unique couple that gathers things they love, always give hugs, and have extraordinary taste in all things travel + food. If you don't know them, you'll want to about 10 seconds into sitting across a table from them! They really are just special people.

They both have been incredible supporters of my business and I was immensely thrilled when they asked me to be apart of their special day! They are one of the many reasons that I love what I do, I feel really lucky to know them and be able to watch them continue to grow into themselves as they grow in their marriage.


Venue | Primrose Cottage in Roswell, Ga

Date | January 14, 2023

Color Palette | Soft peach, mauve, deep velvet fuchsia + pops of blue.

Takeaway | The beautiful, but daunting, part of life is you are constantly growing and evolving. If you are able to find someone that you can do that with, find comfort to fall in love over and over again as they discover new parts of themselves, and to not fear but embrace the changes that can come from this; it will allow you to realize that you've discovered one of the biggest secrets of loving someone wholeheartedly. Pour into that person!

Photography | Savanna Sturkie Photography | @savannasturkiephoto

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