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When the sun comes back around...

2022, Wowie Wow! The year that made me so uncomfortable at times that I genuinely couldn't open my eyes because they were so puffy from the tears. I thought I was fighting for my existence for a cute chunk of it. I got so wrapped up in a whirlwind from January- July that, now, the first part of my year feels like a fever dream. The second half however, ooof warms my heart. It was filled with more love + joy than I can even fully recognize at times. All the little moments added up to the big ones and lying in a warm bed felt like the most precious gift to ever be given to me at times. This year flew by, as they always do. I learned more than ever that I have to take time for myself, forgiveness is gold, and no matter what happens you can always call home (wherever and whomever that might be to you.)

So for the new year, I want… Hmmm, that big impending question that always arises at the end of every year. Why is that? I mean, I’m not saying I don’t have my little list locked, loaded, and ready to fire off the second (well more like January 3rd, wink. Those two extra days are very important.. hence this publishing date) the clock strikes midnight!

I just always find it a bit amusing that we chime each new year to be a reckoning of sorts like we are going to do better or be better humans this go around. I’m laughing right now because I can already see myself trying to hold to my resolutions and cursing at myself (and probably others) while doing it...


Okay so, I guess now is the time to tell you what it is. I have vowed that I will try a new recipe every week this year. I am definitely the cook in my house, but it’s repetitive meals. They are good, tried, and true; but it’s basically variations of the same thing over and over. I’m just such an easy, 30-minute max spent making a meal during the week kinda gal.

"I am tired, there is so much I still need to do, blah blah."

SO I am damned and determined for the sake of my own tastebuds + the tastebuds of the relationships I hold in my life, to try new categories of cuisine. Taylor, god love her, will be the one who really takes the greatest hit from this… *whispers, "love you, but please don't mention the french onion pasta I made the other night"*


Then I think, what is the bigger + deeper promise one could make for themselves to try and keep? Is it for me to stop being such a coward about exploring all of my options through my creativity? Is it for me to let myself fully feel things the way I used to because maybe I’ve become a bit too pessimistic? It is for me to actually reach out and talk to people that I know have been in my shoes? To ask for some guidance without feeling too prideful or like I’m all of a sudden a mooch for needing a fresh pair of eyes because mine have gotten a little foggy. I think there are so many things that I’d love to make happen this year for myself, to get my "little baby giraffe legs" to walk with the confidence through my own business the way that I’ve found them to walk through with others business'.

*Selling your own dream is a lot fucking harder than selling someone else’s, cause I’m real good at that. Truly, like astonishingly great at that!*

So what is it then? How do I believe in myself and story with such conviction that it will be so vivid, there is no dismissing? I really hope that this year will give me that knowledge as I re-brand Crafted to be more authentically myself. I hope to reach other entrepreneurs, people of all trades, travel more, learn more, take a flower workshop somewhere far away, but at the core of it all to simply grow more into myself at this stage of life so that I can find roots in my business + craft.

It's always been more than flowers, more than events. It's always been a lifestyle of sorts, but now I feel the pull to make it completely my own. One that I can really live everyday, while also sharing it with you all in the capacity that feels comfortable to me.

So whoever you are out there reading this, especially if you are in that same spot, please pause for an intermission and I will be back with more information ASAP...

Until then, Happy New Year! May your resolutions be slightly daunting and your determination, fervent.

Talk soon, xx.

-enjoy some just a few of my memories from 2022 that have made me smile!

Tossa De Mar, Spain.

Barcelona, Spain.

Montaña de Oro State Park, CA.

San Luis Obispo, The Madonna Inn.

Morro Bay, CA

Milton, Ga with Stevie Interiors. Photography by Elizabeth Lauren Granger

Home composition.

Lifestyle Photoshoot Florals for Stevie Interiors.

Lifestyle Photoshoot Florals.

Atlanta, Ga. On set for Living with Lynne Lilly.

Little River Farms. Photography by The Heims Photo

Montaluce Winery. Photography by Christina Kelly Photo

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